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Osegbe C E, MD

Osuji E, MD

Akinshipo A, DDS

Olagbemi MD

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To provide a common forum for physicians and surgeons to promote excellence in the practice of medicine and surgery among our members for the health care delivery to all citizens in Nigeria.

Increase public awareness concerning adverse risk factors inherent in modern living, and encourage the altering of lifestyles to prevent early onset of disease.

We primarily operate a 'one stop' concept, with the primary aim of providing an exhaustive and comprehensive medical analysis with diagnosis and treatment options within one clinic visit.

St. Mary's Specialist Centre is an expert and pioneering centre in specialist urology services. We are open 6 days a week and provide emergency advice services 7 days a week.


Latest Clinic News:


Prostate Care Initiative.

Nov 1, 2016


The Prostate  Care  Initiative (PCI) is a concept of St. Mary's  Specialist Centre.  It is an information delivery system to provide and educate the adult male populace on the existence  of the prostate gland ,it's  physiology and potential disease  conditions. It is supported by the Baltimora Health Foundation.

 This action became necessary as one of it disease conditions; prostate cancer is a growing of death in elderly men.

Fortunately  a 'cure' can be achieved and this is the message  the programme intends to  propagate.

 The strategic  objective of the programme (PCI) is to  achieve a high success  rate  at  producing  adequate  information on the  following;

  • The existence of the prostate gland

  • Disease condition affecting  the prostate

  • Prostate Screen;Who needs it,when to have it done 

  • Need for a prostate screen



One Stop Haemauria Clinic

Nov 12, 2016

Haematuria is the presence of blood in urine. Men and women above the age of 40 years who have passed blood (visible) or in whom blood has been detected by tests (invisible) are suitable for this clinic.The One-Stop Clinic include a complete assessment of specific causes of haematuria in only one visit.

One-Stop Prostate Clinic

Nov 12, 2016

Men above the age of 40 years who have urinary symptoms like frequency, poor stream, sensation of incomplete voiding are suitable for this clinic

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